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Slide Products

40012N Paintable Biodegradable MR aerosol
40035N Paintable Biodegradable MR cylinder
40112N Regular Silicone MR aerosol
40105HB Regular Silicone MR 5-gal
40155HB Regular Silicone MR 55-gal
40212 No-Rust aerosol
40201B No-Rust 1-gal
40205B No-Rust 5-gal
40255B No-Rust 55-gal
40412 Tap-It aerosol
40401B Tap-It 1-gal
40405B Tap-It 5-gal
40455B Tap-It 55-gal
40510 Econo-Spray 1 MR aerosol
40505HB Econo-Spray 1 MR 5-gal
40555B Econo-Spray 1 MR 55-gal
40614 Epoxease MR aerosol
40601HB Epoxease MR 1-gal
40605HB Epoxease MR 5-gal
40655B Epoxease MR 55-gal
40710 Econo-Spray 2 MR aerosol            
40705HB Econo-Spray 2 MR 5-gal
40755HB Econo-Spray 2 MR 55-gal
40810 Econo-Spray 3 MR 5-gal
40805HB Econo-Spray 3 MR 5-gal
40855HB Econo-Spray 3 MR 55-gal
40910H Quick Mold Cleaner aerosol
40905HB Quick Mold Cleaner 5-gal
40955HB Quick Mold Cleaner 55-gal
41012N Zinc Stearate MR aerosol
41025 Zinc Stearate Bulk 25-lb bag
41112N DFL Dry Film Lube MR aerosol
41105HB DFL Dry Film Lube MR 5-gal
41155HB DFL Dry Film Lube MR 55-gal
41212N Water Soluble MR aerosol
41314 Cutting Oil aerosol
41301B Cutting Oil 1-gal
41305B Cutting Oil 5-gal
41355B Cutting Oil 55-gal
41412N Polycarbonate MR aerosol
41435N Polycarbonate MR cylinder
41515 Plastic Cleaner with Foamaction
41570 Plastic Cleaner Wipes (70/canister)
41612N Econo-Mist MR aerosol
41635N Econo-Mist MR cylinder
41712 DuraKote MR aerosol
41701B DuraKote MR 1-gal
41705B DuraKote MR 5-gal
41755B DuraKote MR 55-gal
41812 Penetrant Plus aerosol
41801B Penetrant Plus 1-gal
41805B Penetrant Plus 5-gal
41855B Penetrant Plus 55-gal
41914 Resin Remover aerosol
41901B Resin Remover 1-gal
41905B Resin Remover 5-gal
41955B Resin Remover 55-gal
42012A Veri-Kleen Contact Cleaner aerosol
42112N Silicone Spray Lube aerosol
42510 Mold Saver MR aerosol
42612H Universal MR aerosol
42605HB Universal MR 5-gal
42655HB Universal MR 55-gal
42712N Electronic MR aerosol
42810R Quick RP Rust Preventive aerosol
42805HB Quick RP Rust Preventive 5-gal
42855HB Quick RP Rust Preventive 55-gal
42910 Mold Shield Dry Rust Preventive aerosol
42905HB Mold Shield Dry Rust Preventive 5-gal
42955HB Mold Shield Dry Rust Preventive 55-gal
43016 Silicone Remover 16 fl. oz (non-aerosol)
43310 PC Polish Cleaner
43401 PDQ Portable Purging Compound (50 bags/case)
43432 PDQ Concentrated Purging Compound
43512N LMR Lecithin MR aerosol
43535N LMR Lecithin MR cylinder
43501B LMR Lecithin MR 1-gal
43505B LMR Lecithin MR 5-gal
43555B LMR Lecithin MR 55-gal
43911 Super Grease aerosol
43900T Super Grease 14 oz tube for grease guns
43900-01 Super Grease 10 gram tube
43900-03 Super Grease 3 oz tube
43900-7 Super Grease 7-lbs
43900-35 Super Grease 35-lbs
43900-400 Super Grease 400-lbs
44011 Acid Vapor Neutralizer aerosol
44001B Acid Vapor Neutralizer 1-gal
44005B Acid Vapor Neutralizer 5-gal
44055B Acid Vapor Neutralizer 55-gal
44110 Hi-Temp 1800 MR aerosol
44212 On/Cycle Mold Cleaner aerosol
44235 On/Cycle Mold Cleaner cylinder
44201B On/Cycle Mold Cleaner 1-gal
44205B On/Cycle Mold Cleaner 5-gal
44255B On/Cycle Mold Cleaner 55-gal
44312 E-S Silicone MR aerosol
44512 E-S Lecithin MR aerosol
44612E Quick Silicone MR aerosol
44635E Quick Silicone MR cylinder
44712E Quick Paintable MR aerosol
44735E Quick Paintable MR cylinder
44812E Quick Lecithin MR aerosol
44835E Quick Lecithin MR cylinder
42202 AIR-O-SPRAY Sprayer
42203 Air-O-Spray extra bottle & cap
42300 Pump Sprayer & bottle (Package of 2)
43100 Sprayer and plastic hose
43100M Sprayer and metal hose
43200 Freedom Spray Unit
43600 Charge-It! Rechargeable Aerosol
43700 6 assorted, variable rate tips & valves
43800 Can holder
45016P Bare Metal Cleaner & Degreaser aerosol
45001B Bare Metal Cleaner & Degreaser 1-gal
45005B Bare Metal Cleaner & Degreaser 5-gal
45055B Bare Metal Cleaner & Degreaser 55-gal
451-05 NPT NuPurge Technology 5-lb bottle .
451-150 NPT NuPurge Technology 150-lb barrel .
451-1300 NPT NuPurge Technology 1300-lb gaylord .
45202 Mold & Metal Polish 1.76-oz tube
45210 Mold & Metal Polish cans 10 oz
45416T Thermoset MR aerosol
45512 Econo-Spray Rust Preventive aerosol
45501B Econo-Spray Rust Preventive 1-gal
45505B Econo-Spray Rust Preventive 5-gal
45555B Econo-Spray Rust Preventive 55-gal
45612 Econo-Spray Mold Cleaner aerosol
45601B Econo-Spray Mold Cleaner 1-gal
45605B Econo-Spray Mold Cleaner 5-gal
45655B Econo-Spray Mold Cleaner 55-gal
45712N Pure Eze MR aerosol
45735N Pure Eze MR cylinder
45701B Pure-Eze MR 1-gal
45705B Pure-Eze MR 5-gal
45755B Pure-Eze MR 55-gal
45812H Urethane MR aerosol
46010 Econo-Spray Pin Lube and Grease aerosol
46000-7 Econo-Spray Pin Lube and Grease 7-lbs
46000-35 Econo-Spray Pin Lube and Grease 35-lbs
46000-400 Econo-Spray Pin Lube and Grease 400-lbs
46110 Econo-Spray 6 Silicone MR aerosol
46210 Econo-Spray 7 Paintable MR aerosol
46301 Mold & Metal Wipes singles box of 50
46370 Mold & Metal Wipes canister (70/canister)
46410 Nexgen Cleaner aerosol
46401B Nexgen Cleaner 1-gal
46405B Nexgen Cleaner 5-gal
46455B Nexgen Cleaner 55-gal
46515 Citra Cling aerosol
46612N Knock out Paintable MR aerosol
46910 Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4
46930 Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 3 cylinder
46905B Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 3 5-gal
46955B Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 3 55-gal
47112 Mold Cleaner Non-Flammable   !!! NEW !!!
51932- 1G Silicone Emulsion 35% solids1-gal
51932 - 5G Silicone Emulsion 35% solids 5-gal
51932 - 55G Silicone Emulsion 35% solids 55-gal
54912 Heavy Duty Mold Release and Pin Lube
ZIP The Molders Edge

M520 Zip Slip silicone grease
ME100E Pure silicone FG  e521
ME175E Food grade silicone FG e524
ME263E Paintable premium UL e531
ME345E Paintable   e543
ME369E Zinc sterate  e547
ME514E Paintable FG, UL e544
ME515E Polyeurethane release  e529
ME100S Pure silicone FG s521
ME175S Food grade silicone FG s524
ME263S Paintable premium UL s531
ME301S Pattern release s553
ME341S Specialty Release s540
ME514S Paintable FG, UL s544
ME515S Polyeurethane release s529
A583 CS CLEANER Precision Citrahol™ cleaner a583
ME2000 Citrahol™ cleaner - hot molds a585
ZS2050 Mold cleaner - fast evaporating a577
ME2345E Pin lube & mold release e546
ME5613 Citrus cleaner-low odor a582
ME2410NS Corrosion Preventive w/acid neutralizer a592
ME5050NS Corrosion Preventive w/acid neutralizer dry a590
ZS101 Silicone release a571
ZS301 Paintable release a573

E202 Dry Mist Silicone FG
E204 Light Duty Silicone FG
E206 Silicone FG
E208 Heavy Duty Silicone FG
E218 Extra Heavy Silicone
E236 Eurethane
E302 Rocket Paintable FG
E313 Release & Paint Paintable UL
E317 Paintable Heavy Duty
E342 Zero Stick Paintable FG
E408 Dry Film Paintable
E436 Release & Ejector Pin Lube Paintable FG
E474 Zinc Sterate Paintable FG
E497 Thermoset
E455 Thermoset
A353 Endurance
A373 Fluoroelastomer
A383 Marathon
A324 Rapid
S202 Dry Mist Silicone FG
S204 Light Duty Silicone FG
S206 Silicone FG
S236 Eurethane
S302 Rocket Paintable FG
S313 Release & Paint Paintable UL
S408 Dry Film
S464 Paintable
S474 Zinc Sterate Paintable FG
S497 Thermoset
A206 OUT Silicone FG
A302 OUT Paintable FG
A313 OUT Paintable
A500 All Citrus Cleaner
A555 Low Odor Cleaner
A612 Thin Film Rust Preventive
A677 Heavy Duty Rust Preventive
A497 Cleaner Non-Flammable    !!! NEW!!!
93234 CUT Cleaner Non-Chlorinated
94213 Xenit Citrus Cleaner
B500 All Citrus Cleaner Bulk
B555 Low Odor Cleaner Bulk
B677 Heavy Duty Rust Preventive Bulk

RR5 Cold Mold pretreatment aerosol
RR5 Hot Mold release aerosol
RR1381 Rubber release bulk
P440 Rotational release bulk
P441 Rotational release bulk
P442 Rotational release bulk
P446 Rotational release bulk
XK22 Polyester release bulk

390050 Polish tube 50gr
390250 Polish jar 250gr
391000 Polish jar 1000gr
Pomona, California