Pomona, California

Stocking Supplier for Plastics Processing, Packaging, Food Processing, Metal Casting & Mold Making
Electronic Repair Service for Temperature Controls, Timers & Hot Runner Controls

HTI Supply, Inc.
Hi-Tech Instruments - HTi
Founded in 1987, HTi began as a process control integration and field machinery service company for the injection molding industry. Today we specialize in custom manufactured heating elements and sensors for all types of plastics manufacturers as well as the food processing and metal casting industries. Additionally we are a stocking supplier and repair facility for hot runner control systems. Beyond our heater and control specialties we are one of the largest stocking suppliers on the west coast for mold release/mold maintenance products and material purging compounds.

Die Mold Services - DMS
Established for over 40 years, DMS manufactures precision standardized components for mold and die manufacturing. DMS, headquartered in Canada, partnered with HTi to take over the DMS, Die Mold Supply United States west coast distribution office in June 2021. HTi is proud to add DMS's manufacturing capability and to continue their legacy of providing a stocking distribution point for mold makers in the Western US and Baja Mexico area.   


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