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Product News

HTI Supply, Inc.
Hot Runner Controls
Multi zone temperature control system, new and reconditioned. HTI can also customize cables and junction boxes for unique mold applications. Is your hot runner control system on the fritz? We can repair and calibrates many of our competitors control systems for fraction of the cost of a new system. Repair work is done in house here at HTI.

Mold Release, Cleaner & Rust Preventives
Why pay extra freight and wait a week for your orders to come in from out of state when you can have them the next day. For over 20 years, HTI has been your west coast stocking distributor of mold release and maintenance products. Let us evaluate your spray today!  

HTI's full line of Solid State and Mechanical Contactors are designed to replace mercury contactors.
We will gladly cross reference your existing parts and offer installation assistance if needed.

Cartridge Heaters for Molds
Standard sizes available from stock. HTI also designs heaters that are application specific such as; profiled heat zones, cold ends, thermocouples, moisture resistant, etc. We also offer expedite manufacturing.

Nozzle and Barrel Heaters that can dish out the heat!
Are you wondering why standard nozzle and barrel heaters don't last when they are used to process hi-temp materials? Standard mica heaters will get you to temp, but often will not live to see the next start-up. Ask for our Hi-Temp bands when you are processing at or above 700º. These heaters will save you the frustration of constantly replacing those standard mica bands. More important is less machine downtime!

Autoload Material Loaders
The  Autoload originated from one frustrated molder who was tired of the problems with the conventional motor loader. With the Autoload, there is no motor to wear out, no brushes to replace and it comes with a cleanable filter. Also the unit is designed with slip fit parts so you won't need tools when it comes time for the next material change. Components are all interchangeable with other Autoload models. Simplify your material loading and ask for the loader that set the standard for vacuum loaders, Autoload.

Metals in your material?
HTI offers ferrous and non ferrous metal separation solutions from the time you grind the runner to when it reaches the nozzle tip. From grinder magnets to silo magnets to hopper magnet to drawer magnet to nozzle filters to dispersion disc. If it's in there we can provide the solution to get it out.